“Bringing people together to build homes, communities, and hope.”



Media Presbyterian Church

Media Presbyterian Church has been volunteering with Avery Habitat for over a decade, and continues to come back year after year. In this photo, they had just finished putting all of the roof trusses up for the Galloway House - Build #48.

Build sites:

Join Avery Habitat on a build site for a home of a family in need. We use volunteers every step of the way during the building process, and our Construction Coordinator and Volunteer Coordinator remain onsite to offer leadership and guidance.

Outward Bound.jpeg

NC Outward bound

NC Outward Bound volunteered with us in late summer 2018 and helped us with a number of projects. They cleaned out our warehouse and helped to haul off metal at the ReStore.

winter opportunities

Avery Habitat is able to host volunteers year-round thanks to our indoor warehouse at the Gilmer Retreat Center! Groups have built walls for houses, roof trusses for homes, and more during rainy and snowy days. Book a ski trip and enjoy volunteering as well as the slopes!

ReStore Graphics 2010 037.jpg


Volunteer opportunities at the ReStore include landscaping and yard work, assisting with designing retail displays and organizing merchandise, and collecting donations from people in the community.


The Avery Habitat ReStore sells new and slightly used merchandise to raise funds to continue building houses for families in need. The ReStore is also able to sell any excess building materials not used on a job site as well as donated items from the area- keeping unwanted items out of the landfill.